Saturday, 27 June 2009


1:28 am ....
I am awake, but yes I am tired.
I stayed up to watch a film - it's an oldish one - I picked up cheap but have no reason as to why. Its called 'Scent of a Woman' with Al Pacino and Chris O'Donnell. I admit I have never seen any Al Pacino film.

I haven't committed a crime - I just never have. I may have broken some cardinal social rule?

The film lasted for what seems an eternity. It's not that it is bad - just.... plodding along.

Anyway, I am back. Writing. Emptying my cloudy brain, especially after the stormy and unpredictable air that intensified every ache. A few of you noticed I hadn't wrote for a while... I forgot my login stuff - seems to be very like an excuse you'd give to teacher.

But you call smile along with me... I will write and I have lots to say usually.

For now - I shall go and rest my creative head, snuggle down in my bed and dreams a million stories for you to read!