Sunday, 16 August 2009


I found bridesmaid dresses yesterday from a lovely bridal store in Nottingham. My two bridesmaids are going to look gorgeous. I am so happy, we didn't have to go walking around a million shops. That is my idea of hell. I hate shopping. Most of the time. I love to look for books and interesting stuffs but clothes and shoes and handbags and jewellery - nope, not interested. I never liked it, so I don't often do it. I go when I need too - hark my great find yesterday.

Anyway... the count down is on 200 days. That isn't an awful lot you know. I remember counting up and it was well over 400. Jeepers. On one hand I want it to go fast because I want to marry him. Other hand, I want it to slow down just so I can get everything sorted and perfect. I am enjoying the arranging, the pretty stuffs, looking for the things to make it so perfect!

I've had an up and down week to be honest. I felt really fed up at points. Think I just needed a change, or something. I am happy again no - OH has ensured that, he has looked after me, made me smile, loved me for being me and never ever been mad if I acted on my "fed up" state of mind. I think having so many big changes this year, and more to come- everythings been a whirlwind and it's taken a while for things to calm down.

I am happy. I am being me, doing the things I want and acting how I want. I have someone who treats me very well. I am lucky. I can do the things I want, I can try. I have made my mind up to do something. I may surprise myself.. and a few others!