Saturday, 18 July 2009

New York

33 weeks to go.
Thats how many weeks until my wedding day. Until I become a wife. A wedded woman, part of a married couple. I become someone new, a new name, a new identity - maybe a new person. I am so excited. Its the next chapter in my life, or maybe it is merely chapter one. Perhaps up until this point I have been living out the prologue.

33 weeks and 2 days.
I go to my most favourite place ever. New York. Ten wonderful nights in somewhere I wish was home. I am beyond excited to be going back and this time with the love of my life. Will I see it through different eyes? There is so much I want to see; do and show my soon to be husband. The best ten days of my life - no matter what!!

Two years ago if you'd have told me I would be living here, with my FIANCEE, counting down the weeks until my wedding day I would have laughed. I would have looked you in the eye and called you a liar. I genuinely did not think I would meet him. I never thought I could be in love, or have someone love me; accept me for who I am, what I am and want to make me his wife. I feel very lucky, cherished and thankful. Whatever I did to get him - THANK YOU.

Search with eyes wide open and you may not find the things you seek.


  1. I am so pleased for you. I know what you mean in the above post as I felt the same way when I met my now DH (of eight years this coming Sept). Enjoy the next 33 weeks!

  2. awww bless ya hon :D xxxx

    best wishes! xxx