Monday, 16 March 2009

I want to do something.

I feel a little restless. I want to be doing something, but then again I don't know what. I'm looking forward to getting into this new job. One more week of doing nothing then I'll be back into the monotonous routine again. To think I used to be bored of getting up and going into the office , every single dayit seems ridiculous that I am looking forward to getting back into it.

Realistically I have been unemployed for five weeks, in the modern climate this is hardly any time, and although I was fed up, getting rather down in the dumps and miserable- I've worked hard at getting something else. I made phone calls, filled in a million forms, sent out CVs galore.. and it has paid off. I got several interviews, and more than one job offer in the end. The job I am starting had 100 applicants. ONE HUNDRED PEOPLE applied for a simple admin job in a HR department. I got it, and yes that gave me a buzz. I liked to think that my skills and personality set me out from the rest. Its a big achievement in todays world. I always used to say there is a job out there if your willing to do anything - sometimes we have to do things we don't really want too, I know now it is harder. Now it is impossible it seems which is why I am thankful. People just have to perservere, keeping applying and keep trying. Keep morale up as much as you can, goodness knows I am a happy person, I don't get glum too much but spending days on end with no response and no luck would make anyone feel low. Good Luck to everyone still searching!
“Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” - Winston Churchill.

Some things in my life are beyond my control. Situations arise and stuff happens that I will never be able to stop, as much as I wish I could. This doesn't change how much I care, love and does not make me want to live a different life. I may feel scared sometimes but not out of what could happen, or the feeling I can not handle it, I can. I am not scared for me. I just want things to be alright. Love is love, and loving someone is beautiful. My life is taking its own path, I won't stop it for I do believe in fate. Fate has given me so many things, actions that were not in my control or choices I made have enabled my life to be enriched with good people, places and feelings.

I love a wonderful man. He makes me laugh, he makes me smile. He protects me and keeps me safe. He loves me for the girl I am and the woman he's helping me be. I know his smile, I can read his eyes and know what he thinks. He is my best friend, a soul mate and someone I will spend eternity with. True love, no complications and never expectations. We were made to be together - we fit like pieces in a puzzle. I am lucky. People sometimes go through life and don't feel this way. I will always feel this way, I have everything I want. I don't need more.

Onwards I go, more wedding planning needed. Less than a year until our big day - how on earth will I manage to wear a dress all day?!?

Love for now. xxx

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