Wednesday, 11 March 2009

My Saint Valentine.

Valentine, you are my heart.
An angel with devoted love to part.
Our day is marked for all to see,
The moment you fell in love with me.
A crisp February day, so clear,
You told me I would be forever dear,
The One for you, Your sweet-heart true.
That you had me, and I’d always have you.
You left that morn, with wings of gold,
You left me with no one to hold.
But from my eyes no tears would weep,
For I know I had your heart to keep.
Years go by, I remember well,
Intense love, how my heart does swell!
On that February date,
Valentine, my life long soul-mate,
I dream of that love so deep,
You promised I would always keep.
In my heart, You will remain to be,
Valentine, a saint to me.

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